Wednesday, September 20th –
RLP 1.302B (Glickman Conference Center) –
12:00-1:00 pm –

On Wednesday, September 20th, The University of Texas at Austin’s Innovations for Peace and Development Lab will host Oliver Bullough, acclaimed author of  Moneyland: Why Thieves And Crooks Now Rule The World And How To Take It Back and Butler to the World: How Britain Helps the World’s Worst People Launder Money, Commit Crimes, and Get Away with Anything, for a public talk on why, despite a sharp global decline in the use of cash in transactions monitored by central banks, the US exports hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of $100 bills. A hint from Bullough: it’s all about criminals.

The talk will be hosted at 12:00-1:00PM in the Glickman Conference Center (RLP 1.302B) and is open to the public. Lunch will be provided.